Men's Only Mastermind

I Love MEN!!!

Wow I’ve held back on declaring that publicly for far too long. But yep, it’s true. I do.

Hi, my name is Fiona and I have been specialising in coaching MEN for the past 6 years and I freaking LOVE what I do!

And I’m Damn good at it!

There are soooooo many coaches out there for women. There are even trainers training coaches to specialise in women because they’re easier to market to and make money off.
It’s fkd.

What about our boys? Our Strong Men's inner child?

Where do the strong ones go when They need a place to vent? To put down that burden they've been carrying for awhile?

Most men (and women) are walking around as a bubbling volcano about to erupt.

And almost Nobody knows how to do a damn thing about it except to suppress, distract and avoid every trigger in the hopes it never does.

It is becoming more acceptable for men to want to share, but you still need a safe space with someone who can do something about it.

My favourite thing is not just seeing THROUGH your defences, but INTENTIONALLY tripping every trigger you’ve got and holding space for you to feel it and heal it all until you are completely done and can finally breathe easy again.

Introducing the Men's Only Mastermind.

A safe space to talk about hard things and begin to Redefine and Reclaim Masculinity. 

Every month you'll get:

  • Live Q&A group mentoring call - no topic off limits
  • Live Educate and Experts Interview covering all areas of life
  • Rants, Resources and Recordings online library access 
  • Private Facebook community to know you're not alone!
  • Unfiltered access to Girl Brain to understand WTF is really going on

No lock in contracts, come for a month, stay as long as you like - the value you receive will match the quality of questions that you ask! 

[ note this is group mentoring only, 1:1 transformational coaching spots are limited and application only ]

There is a war on Masculinity with so many people trying to stuff emotions down and make sure they stay suppressed. 

I am NOT afraid of your anger - you need it to survive.

I am NOT afraid of your sadness - I’ve literally held grown men in the park while they’ve cried.

I am only afraid of your FEAR if you let it stop you from making the call because fear is the one thing completely screwing up this world.

My clients aren’t the weak ones, meh they have plenty of support.

My clients are the STRONG ones everyone else goes to to talk.

I am the safe space you can put your burdens down for awhile.

Think of me as your resident Lioness 🦁

Ready with a gentle mumma cuddle so needed to help you embrace your inner child.

And a very Fierce bite if ever your bs gets in the way of your Light.

I’m the one couples come to as a last resort and end up saving their marriages from divorce.

I’m the secret confidant of industry leaders when they’re too high profile to talk to anyone else.

I’m the one the “Happy” people turn to when the drugs no longer work and they are faced with a choice take chance a coach or take a way out of this life.

I am done hiding who I am and sitting idly by while my beautiful boys suffer suicide and divorce.


It’s time to change the story.

Register now and lets build a different future together. 



What People Are Saying:

I had the most powerful transformation 7 months working with this incredible woman. 100% would do it again. You are my secret weapon. Thanks for all your love and support. Truly a blessing working with you. Yeah you pretty much held me for 7 months as I cried and helped me take back control of my life and take full responsibility Much love Fiona

Andrew Mioch

Amen!! You're the secret not so secret weapon that literally is the backbone to my life. My relationship, business, life and spirituality wouldn't be the same without your guidance. Truly one of the kind!!

Caleb Lesa

$99.00 AUD

Every month

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