10 Steps for Releasing The Negative

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Release the negative energy


Some days are just sh!t. You know the ones when everything you try to do seems to backfire, the people you’ve been trying to help turn on you and the past you thought long buried rears its ugly head.

Those days where it seems no matter how hard you try to stay in your vortex all you seem to attract are negative, angry, spiteful, fearful people trying to bring you back down into their drama.

Where everything that could go wrong does, from spilling your coffee to stubbing your toe. And those moments where you just want to say to the Angels “where the hell were you?! I thought we were in this together! I’m done with this empath sh*t”…

Those are the days when releasing and grounding is not just necessary, it is essential and the only way to regain our stability.

Unfortunately because most of us we’re never taught this, instead of grounding and releasing the energy in these moments, we tend to insulate and suppress with food, alcohol, cigarettes- or any unresourceful addiction.

The best kind of grounding in these moments is conscious earthing because this is reliant solely on us and unlike other levels can’t “hurt” anyone in the heat of the moment.

This matters because for may of us the reason we suppress and insulate in the first place is because speaking out in anger hurts people and feeling their pain does nothing to relieve ours. As a consequence we have usually taken on a role of peacekeepers or caretakers within our social circles.

The more we internalise the negative energy the harder it becomes to keep the peace and if we do it always comes at the expense of our health and happiness.

For years we’ve been taught to reach for happiness, which is not in itself wrong, but how we get there is often underestimated.

Toxic Positivity, where we ignore the bad is just as damaging in the long term as only focusing on the negative. It is about honouring all emotions and then moving through the process from where we are to where we want to be. 

To me, there are many incremental yet very important steps and unless we go through them all, chances are we’re denying or suppressing an element of truth designed to help us, and those around us, grow.

  1. Accept
  2. Release
  3. Find purpose
  4. Bring compassion
  5. Find humour
  6. Find gratitude
  7. Choose love
  8. Find truth
  9. Share message
  10. Notice shifts
  11. Feel great

Accept – if we deny anything is wrong then the negative perpetuates. This is especially a problem if the negative is someone’s behaviour- if they never receive feedback then the can never change their behaviour.

Release/Earth/Ground – acceptance without release is what causes us to suppress and gather up little annoyances and turn them into a big meltdown over what seems like nothing to everyone else.

The important part of releasing is to give us time to sort through the emotional energy we have gathered and let go of everything that doesn’t belong to us. Being a lightworker, we find it very easy to come back to live and compassion, it is the negative energy that we have collected from others that clouds our judgement in the moment.

Do any activity that physically releases the energy, walking in nature is best but if that is not possible the walk anywhere or pull weeds or do dishes or cry or swim or play with a pet or have a shower with Epsom salts or any of the “conscious earthing” grounding rituals in our guide.

Find purpose – if we choose to believe everything happens for a reason then we have power, take the power and find the lesson in the silver lining.

Bring compassion – for the messenger, I like to remember the story of the sun and the soul when I have a negative experience with someone and get compassionate that we have a soul contract because if they knew better they’d do better so we must have a contract to teach each other something.

Find humour – let the laughter out! No matter how grumpy you were something silly/ funny always happens because our angels are always giving us pathways back to joy. Accept it. Giggle.

Find gratitude – if we created this situation to teach us something then we can bring even more gratitude to the lessons we receive, the fact that we now have a chance to improve, the fact that we are the ones capable of helping the other person learn and grow etc

Choose love – come into full love and light alignment knowing all emotions and clarity left are ours and our real work can begin.

Find truth – decipher with a clear mind the best truth to help all parties, direct feedback if necessary or something learned to share with others. Remember not everyone is open to the feedback so share it but do not get attached to whether they take it.

Share message – coming from your place of love, share the message with those who need it and can learn from it (conscious transfer)

Notice shifts – notice how many people benefit from the shared message, gather reference points for success to remind you to keep at it.

Feel great – tada!!!! It is a wonderful feeling to have both great energy ourself and help others have great energy too which is what comes from conscious transfer.

Need more help?

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